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Serene Life 265 Square-ft Chemical-free Indoor Bug Zapper (pack of 1 Ea)

Regular price $124.19

Package: 1 Ea

Electric zapper pest control
Integrated UV light attracts insects
Eliminates unwanted bugs & pests
Lab-tested to increase pest attraction
Eco-friendly with no harmful chemicals
Energy-efficient with low-power consumption
Hassle-free operation by simply plugging in
Extra-wide 265 sq ft coverage area
Safe, rugged & reliable construction
Convenient hanging, wall-mount housing style
Easily removable waste bucket tray
For indoor use only
Works for flies, mosquitoes, beetles, moths & more
Engneered ABS metal construction
5.9ft power cord
Dim: 10.4"
H x 3.9"
W x 17.2"
Includes two 10W UV-A black lights