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Led Owl Night Light Silicone Lamp Children Bedside Decoration

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About Vinyl Dolls
1. Shell will not heat, you can rest assured that use;
2. All environmentally friendly materials;
3. switch control;
4. 3 * LR44 battery, can be bright 12-14 hours.
Vinyl dolls mainly refers to the doll made of PVC material. The art of plastic dolls in foreign countries is called "Urbanvinyl",
that is, the public favorite design dolls, these dolls and character toys, they do not necessarily have fun story support,
but by graphic designers, flower arrangers, musicians, Cartoonist, graffiti artist or any person-led,
like the platform as any person to play, especially the design features, more than the average toy doll more intimate,
so be crowned "Ur Juan ban" word, more metaphor for "boys Of Barbie ".
Vinyl production process:
1. Mud, according to different design, cartoon, characters, animals and other plants in a variety of different shapes, through the artificial, machine carving completed.
2. Wax, through the shape of the mud, come back relative to the wax-like shape, easy to open the mold when the product surface smooth.
3. mold, mold other is the mother mold, and through the wax sample with copper poured out of the first mold, the general guests to confirm the final product of the big sample
4. Large goods, through the mold produced by the product, and then operations, to create a certain amount of large cargo model.
5. Trimming
6. color, fuel injection, printing, assembly
Great gift for your children, friend or yourself.