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God Bless The Earth Worms

“There is no animal which has played a more important part in the history of the world then the Earth Worm.” —– Charles Darwin in: ‘The formation of vegetable mold through the action of worms…’

       Thus, Darwin recognized the value of their tilling and of coarse, their Divine Poo-Poo; better known as Top-Soil. But, how many of us take the Earth Worm for Granted? Next time you see a Worm, you better think twice and Thank God for these Precious Gifts which are here to Grace this Planet, not destroy it. Better yet, you might want to Thank the slimy little fellow your self. For I Believe in Miracles and I believe my Holistic Worm — Oouey Gooey is here to Make a Difference!

Good Luck Oouey and God Bless You and God Bless our Precious Honey Bees...


If you haven't heard about Oouey Gooey Yet, Watch His video on YouTube above. He has his own website at https://www.B4HEART.biz 

To make it easier for you to Learn about this Special Soul, I included Information on the side menu so you can get Enlightened!

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