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Bees Make A Resurgence In Europe After They Ban This ONE Thing?

Posted by Bob Karpie on

Bees Make A Resurgence In Europe After They Ban This ONE Thing


The plight of the honeybee is a concern for all of us, but Europe may have found a way to help the bee population comeback from the brink. The dying of honeybee populations around the globe has been called colony collapse disorder and it’s a very serious problem.

According to a USDA survey of bee colonies in the U.S., between 750,000 and one million colonies died in the United States over the winter of 2007-2008 alone, which is approximately a 36% loss of bees in one season. Winter die off is normal, but the bees are dying at a rate that is beyond the normal winter losses.

Bees are so important for our food production, but the tiny helpers can get overlooked as we seek faster, better, and safer ways to get more food to our tables. Bees and other pollinators like bats and butterflies feed off of the flowers that plants produce.




The action of the bees visiting the flowers allows pollen to be transferred from one plant to another, which then becomes a fertilized fruit. All nut and fruit trees require pollination. All vegetables that grow above ground, like peas and squash, need bees too. All of the seeds that we eat are the result of pollination. You can see how important honeybees are for our healthy, natural diets that come from plant sources.

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